Nov 17, 2013
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lego Marvel Super Heroes

lego Larvel Super Heroes Ps vita free

Summary :

lego Marvel Super Heroes Ps vita , despite a heap of technical issues, brought a ton of charm to the platform. The fully voice acted experience was not without its camp and cheese factor, but ultimately it provided a fun open world experience for fans who were longing for a new vita  game to play. Enter the portable version, titled The Chase Begins for the Nintendo Psvita. It tells the story of super-cop Chase McCain before he was, in fact, a super-cop

EGO Marvel Super Heroes Image   WBIE “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” is the best LEGO Ps vita game since they stopped making “Harry Potter” ones and arguably longer. It’s hard to imagine we’ll ever top that incredibly nostalgic thrill that came when LEGO and the Lucasverse united in those “Star Wars” games but this one comes damn close. I’ll let the royalties go on this one

To say that this is the worst game of all time is a little bit of an exaggeration. I hear there might be games where you are able to repeatedly attack a wall of broken glass with your face and this game is slightly better than that. This is a Lego game in name only. Gone are the collection of studs, the familiar “True Hero/Adventurer/Wizard” mechanics in favor of, well, nothing

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Format  :  ISO+Redeem code ( For Activation)

Platform : PS Vita

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